The information on this page may be outdated. For an updated list of available positions, please visit this page of the Cai Lab.

Part-time or Full-time Lab Research Assistant (pre-doctoral, non-degree granting)

If you are interested in learning how to study human brain with experiment and computational modeling, please feel free to send your CV, transcript, and (optionally) a brief description of interest to mingbo [dot] cai [at] ircn [dot] jp, with a title "[Research Assistant] + your name”. If possible, please also include contact information for recommendation letters. Some knowledge of Japanese is preferred but not required. Local students in Tokyo area are more than welcome.

Visiting scholar

If you are able to apply for an external fellowship (e.g., JSPS programs) to fund your visit, the lab also welcomes visiting scholars from overseas who have overlapping research interests.

Summer Intern

Ask me about possibilities!